Anim Steel

Anim Steel 2010 Global Fellow

The Real Food Challenge

with David Schwartz

Food & Agriculture


North America, United States
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Anim Steel 2010 Global Fellow

Bold Idea 

Build a healthy, fair and green food economy by harnessing the political power of youth and the purchasing power of universities to shift demand toward socially responsible farm and food enterprises.


Anim Steel is the Director of National Programs at The Food Project in Boston, MA, where he co-founded the Real Food Challenge, a campaign to re-direct $1 billion of college food purchases away from industrial agriculture towards local, fair, sustainable, and humane sources. Anim’s eight years at The Food Project represent a life-long commitment to social justice. As an Assistant Director of Admissions at Williams College in Massachusetts, he was in charge of expanding student of color recruitment. At the Bowery Residents Committee in New York City, he created a job training program for homeless adults. It was through his work as a consultant with the Economic Development Assistance Consortium (EDAC) in Boston that Anim began to see food and agriculture as tools for community development—as well as environmental, social, and personal change. Anim holds a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and a BA in Astrophysics and History from Williams College.