Ashni Mohnot

Ashni Mohnot

Founder of Enzi

2010 Global Fellow

Enzi enables individuals to invest in the education of bright students in exchange for a share in their future income for a set period of time, connecting students and investors directly through a open marketplace. Enzi Fellows (students) receive education funding from several investors and commit to repaying a pre-determined percentage of their gross income for a fixed period of time after they begin working. Enzi Angels (investors) receive financial returns on the investment as well as have a tremendous social footprint by helping students attain educations they could not have afforded otherwise. Fellows also enjoy career assistance and mentorship from Angels, which helps them realize their full potential.

Ashni Mohnot is Founder and CEO of Enzi, which allows people to invest in students’ education in return for a share of their future income for a fixed period of time. Enzi is developing a new financial instrument and a new asset class where human potential is collateral. After living in Mumbai, India for 18 years, Ashni attended Stanford University, where she studied Human Biology with an International Health focus and English for her undergraduate degrees, and International Education (Administration and Policy Analysis track) for her graduate degree.

Ashni has worked with two other social ventures and has written on social innovation for PopTech. Currently, she works as the Director of Education for Stanford’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute.