Li Qing

Elevated Honey Co. provides stable market access to honey producing indigenous mountain communities in SW China. By identifying rural communities suitable for beekeeping training and support, Elevated increases honey production and trains community leaders for new company roles. By developing a “franchise model” for scattered rural communities, and connecting these communities to a transparent supply through an online platform, beekeepers are empowered to make sales choices from their own villages, while consumers are safe through a verified honey testing system. Elevated Honey Co. aims to partner with government and industry peers to do mass planting projects across China.

Li Qing is a pioneering female beekeeper from Inner Mongolia, China. With a formal background in business/international trade, she is an organized and skilled logistics manager, having been promoted previously at INNO TECH electronics company. She manages daily operations, sourcing, and communication with customers and government. Li Qing is also a skilled honeybee queen breeder, having spent time in the United States learning the most modern techniques.