Steve Williams

Steve Williams

Founder of POWER

1995 Global Fellow

POWER builds strategic alliances, wages effective community action campaigns with low-wage immigrant Latina women workers and low-income African American families and youth, and develops the leadership skills of our members. POWER’s work changes the conditions and policies that exploit and displace our families and communities, by influencing policy to win immigrant justice and responsible development that secures living wage employment, job security, affordable housing, and community services.

POWER merged with Causa Justa in 2015.

Steve Williams is a long-time community organizer in San Francisco and the cofounder and executive director (1997-2012) of People Organized to Win Employment Rights (POWER). Williams also coordinated Left Roots, a national organization of leftists engaged in various social movements.

Prior to founding POWER, Steve was the welfare rights organizer of the San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness. He graduated from Standard University in 1992.