Trang Tran

Fargreen sells high-quality branded mushrooms that are locally grown from rice straw, a medium that is currently considered as waste and being burned openly in Vietnam. In doing so, we help prevent social and environmental problems caused by this open burning practice, and build sustainable, prosperous farming communities. In five years, Fargreen aspires to be the leading premium brand which provides eco-friendly and socially responsible gourmet mushroom products in Vietnam. We will have three processing plants located in Northern, Central and Southern Vietnam, employing 1,000 farmers in our network and serving mushrooms for one-third of the 30 million middle-to-high income population of Vietnam.

Trang Tran is CEO and co-founder of Fargreen, a social enterprise based in her home country Vietnam. Trang has got her MBA from the Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise program at Colorado State University (CSU). She is very passionate about social entrepreneurship and firmly believes in its prominent role in sustainable development. Trang has spent five years working for both non-profit and for-profit development projects in Asia and Central America. Trang was CSU International Presidential Fellow (2012-2013) and the President of the Net impact student chapter at CSU (2012- 2013)- a student body promoting socially responsible business practices. Trang and her Fargreen team have won several national and international business pitch competitions including Grand Prize winner at the Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition 2014 hosted by the University of Washington, South West U.S regional champion and third prize winner at the 2014 Walmart’s Business for Better Living Challenge. Trang was a featured young social entrepreneur at Social Capital Markets Conference in 2013 and also a speaker at Net Impact conference, 2013.