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Adhira Udayaraj

Associate, Events and Partner Engagements

External Affairs

Adhira fosters effective partnerships through her work leading external partner engagements at Echoing Green.

Adhira is driven by her desire to generate shared prosperity between communities and organizations. With her background in Global Studies and Corporate Finance and her commitment to creating impact, Adhira hopes to use data to tell the story of Echoing Green’s partnerships, events, and engagements.

Before joining Echoing Green, Adhira worked at the Center for New York City Neighborhoods, a nonprofit committed to promoting and preserving affordable homeownership for New Yorkers. In that role and through her work at Echoing Green, Adhira exercises her passion for bringing people together with purpose and building community.

Adhira graduated from Rutgers University–New Brunswick in 2020. While at Rutgers, she dedicated her time to working with the Institute for Domestic and International Affairs, a nonprofit that empowers students to discuss relevant domestic and international issues and become the next generation of civically engaged young leaders.

In her free time, Adhira enjoys diving into the world of books, spending time with her friends, and baking her famous chocolate chip cookies.