Our Fellows are addressing the challenges brought on by this global pandemic from innumerable angles. Pictured: Quardean Lewis-Allen, founder Youth Design Center in Brownsville, NY.

Fellows Taking Action

Our community knows that the impact of this pandemic will be hardest on the poor and other vulnerable communities, and that a systems change approach that includes a rapid response mechanism is what’s needed to prevent avoidable harm. Some of the patterns we are seeing in their responses include:

  1. Public Health: immediate or long term health response, direct or indirect
  2. Economic Impact: at all levels, societal to individual
  3. Vulnerable Communities: specific targeted support to those most at risk for far reaching negative effects
  4. Future Proofing: minimizing the effects of shocks and stresses of future events
  5. Advocacy: influencing responses of others, often government or other seats of power

On the Front Lines

Echoing Green is Responding

Echoing Green is dedicating all efforts to developing an emergency response fund, innovating our programming to be nimble and responsive, galvanizing our global ecosystem, and ensuring our community thrives to continue our work long into the future.

  1. Providing Immediate Relief: For the first time, we are providing emergency funds to current and prior Fellows as they adapt their work for maximum impact in the current climate.
  2. Supporting Rebuilding: We are rapidly scaling our resources to support Fellows through training, technological capabilities, and wellness.
  3. Leading the Way on Reimagining. Together with some of the smartest business leaders in the world, we are re-envisioning what a robust and inclusive global economic system must look like to be prepared and resilient in the face of future worldwide crises.

We Need Your Help

For over 30 years, Echoing Green has invested in emerging social entrepreneurs who are fighting the world’s toughest problems, often long before those crises reach their peak.


Fellows on the front lines of our biggest healthcare problems


Fellows fighting systemic poverty and wealth disparity


Countries impacted by our Fellows’ efforts


Invested by Echoing Green in Fellows and their work

The Fund to Mobilize Against COVID-19

Partner with us now, as we mobilize this extraordinary community against the COVID-19 pandemic and advance our model for tackling global issues.

Fund Co-Chairs
Rajesh Panjabi, MD, MPH
CEO, Last Mile Health, and Asst Professor, Harvard Medical School

Carter McClelland
Chairman, Union Square Advisors

Priorities of the Fund to Mobilize Against COVID-19 are:

Rapid Response to Support Fellows

  1. Emergency grants to first responders
  2. Technical resources and trainings
  3. Health and well-being support

Future Proofing Our Work & Our World

  1. Convene and engage our community
  2. Fund new solutions to systemic issues exposed or exacerbated by this crisis

Donate to the Fund to Mobilize Against COVID-19

Questions: CJ@echoinggreen.org