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Our Team

Those of us who work at Echoing Green have a front row seat to the brightest leaders with the most innovative ideas driving social progress across the world. We are fired up to be their partners, their advocates, and their biggest champions. Learn about the diverse perspectives and passions that fuel our team’s work.  


Grace Akin

Manager Communications

Marley Amico

Senior Manager, Institutional Giving Development

Jonna Benjamin

Associate, Finance & Administration Finance & Operations

Dabney Brice

Senior Associate, Research & Equity Thought Leadership

Catalina del Canto

Manager, Community Programs

Letisha Dass

Senior Associate, Events & Partner Engagements Communications

Cheryl L. Dorsey

President 1992 Echoing Green Fellow

Kate Duff

Vice President Development

Susannah Eastham

Managing Director Programs

Leya Elias

Manager, Onramps Programs

BriAnn Gibson

Director, Talent Finance & Operations

Geneva Gleason

Senior Associate, Institutional Giving Development

Kate Hayes

Director, Corporate Engagement Development

Joanna Helou

Chief of Staff

Esmeralda Herrera

Deputy Director, Capacity Programs

Ricardo Jara

Senior Director, Community Programs

Vashti Johnson

Specialist, Administrative Operations Thought Leadership

Laura Kaufmann

Director, Institutional Giving Development

Oleshia Kelly

Specialist, Executive Office Operations

Stacy Lewis

Senior Director, Human Resources and Operations Finance & Operations

Sharyanne McSwain

Chief Operating Officer

Liza Mueller

Vice President Thought Leadership

Kevin Murphy

Senior Director, Individual Giving Development

Y'aneris Olivencia

Senior Associate, Digital Media Communications

Alex Pan

Senior Director, Capital Programs

Kimberly E. Osagie

Vice President Programs

Jasmine Paul

Manager, Events and Engagements Communications

Gabriel Posey

Director, Technology

Jessica Robles-Morales

Director, Events Communications

Alex Silverman

Director, Marketing & Communications Communications

Swan Suseno

Director, Finance Finance & Operations

Rayna Taher

Senior Associate, Technology

Juana Urrea

Senior Associate, Capital Programs