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Emergency Resources for Fellows

Our community has mobilized for rapid response against COVID-19 and its impacts.

COVID-19 Fellow Response Form

Learn how we can support you

We are collecting information from our Fellow community regarding COVID-19 and your work. Please complete our response form for any of the reasons listed below:

  • Submit an Emergency Grant request

  • Share details on COVID-19's impact on your organization

  • Request listing on our COVID-19 Fellow Response webpage

Complete the response form
Please review grant submission details before applying ↓

Response Form Details

Apply for an Emergency Grant

As part of Echoing Green’s COVID-19 Response Fund, we are disbursing emergency grants to Fellows for your organization’s COVID-19 response or for an urgent need resulting from COVID-19’s impacts. Grants will be disbursed in the amounts of USD 2,500, USD 5,000, and USD 10,000 based on our eligibility and selection criteria.

Before deciding whether to apply through the Response form, we encourage you to review the:


Share COVID-19’s Impact On Your Work

We want to understand:

  • How your organization has been impacted by COVID-19 and what your needs are
  • How your organization is programmatically responding to COVID-19

In addition to informing our programmatic activities, your responses will help coalitions supporting social entrepreneurs. We may also share aggregate details of responses with funders and partners to help address pressing COVID-related needs.

Request To Be Listed on Our Response Webpage

Echoing Green is sharing Fellow organizations’ COVID-19 response on our website. You can request to have your organization’s response efforts shared on this page. (view)

Grant Timeline

Please note that all dates are subject to shift, and we will announce any changes as soon as possible.

July 22 – July 31

Open Application Period

Echoing Green will accept applications through the COVID-19 Fellow Response Form.

August 1 – August 11

Applications reviewed

Echoing Green’s team will review applications.

August 12 – August 17

Recipients Notified

Recipients will be asked to provide bank account and other information for disbursement.

August 18 – August 31

Grants disbursed

Fellows awarded grants will receive funding.


Grant and Disbursement Process
What were the guiding principles in setting up this emergency grant application and disbursement process?

When setting up the application and disbursement process, we committed to transparency. Our team vetted the setup of our process with Fellows and partners who have similar grant processes, and we welcomed feedback and suggestions. We aimed to share all information about the funds, including what we do and do not yet know at the time of launch. We commit to keeping our Fellows informed if there are any changes throughout the process.

How much in funds did you disburse, and how much will recipients receive?

Fundraising for these grants is ongoing. As of June 10, 2020, we disbursed USD 92,500 in unrestricted funds and USD 130,000 to Fellows of African citizenship who are working in Africa. Grants will be disbursed in the amounts of USD 2,500, USD 5,000, and USD 10,000 based on our eligibility, selection criteria, and applicant responses.

How were decisions made for the first round of disbursements?

Due to an overwhelming response, our team had the difficult task of making first-round selection decisions based on the following factors:

  • Eligibility and criteria
  • Populations served
  • Amount of funds remaining
  • Emergency grant funds received from other organizations

To disburse funds to applicants with the greatest urgency, we prioritized applicants with less than 1–2 months of operating runway and those who had not received emergency grants from any other organization.

How many Fellows received funding during the first round of disbursements?

24 Fellows and their organizations received their full requested amounts of USD 2,500, USD 5,000, and USD 10,000. We disbursed a total of $222,500 during the first round of disbursements.

Why is there selection criteria for these grants?

When setting up this grant process, we had conversations with Fellows and as a staff about how to set criteria for emergency funding for a crisis in which everyone’s needs are valid and diverse (urgent and long-term, personal, and organizational). Because this is a limited fund, we required baseline criteria for selection. Due to timing, financial, and fundraising considerations, we geared this fund toward Fellows needing immediate short-term funding for programming supporting communities in need. Our selection criteria are eligible to change as we receive feedback from our community.

How many periods of grant disbursements will there be?

As this initial application and disbursement process is a pilot, our team is incorporating a review period to evaluate and learn from the initial process. This will help inform the timing and outreach for any following calls for applications. We will share the status of any following disbursement periods by June 30, 2020.

Who should I contact for questions about the COVID-19 emergency grants, the COVID-19 Response Form, or other Echoing Green efforts related to COVID-19?

Fellows should submit any questions about Echoing Green’s COVID-19 response efforts or emergency grant process here.

Financial Considerations
Why do I need an organizational bank account or fiscal sponsor to apply for a grant?

Due to accounting and auditing purposes, Echoing Green requires that grants be disbursed to organizational bank accounts or fiscal sponsors, not personal bank accounts. Should recipients choose to use their grants for their salaries, health insurance, or any personal payments, those funds must be able to be transferred from their organizational bank accounts or fiscal sponsors.

What considerations should Fellows running for-profit organizations take?

These payments will be structured as grants. For Fellows running for-profit organizations, please make sure to familiarize yourself with the tax implications associated with your organization receiving a charitable grant by checking with your lawyer or accountant.

What will I need to provide if I plan to use a fiscal sponsor to receive funds?

In the event a recipient plans to receive the grant via a fiscal sponsor, Echoing Green will request documentation of the relationship with the fiscal sponsor for accounting and auditing purposes. In addition to the fiscal sponsor’s bank account information, please be prepared to provide your organization’s agreement or MOU with your fiscal sponsor, as well as the W-9 tax form of your fiscal sponsor. You will also be asked to provide contact information for your fiscal sponsor so Echoing Green can provide a support letter outlining the amount and timing of the incoming grant.

Grant Obligations
Will Fellows need to report on how they use their grants?

While we are not mandating any reporting on grant usage, we would like to know how the grants have been helpful. This will help inform the grant process moving forward, provide content and stories for our continued fundraising efforts, and may be shared with other coalitions supporting social entrepreneurs responding to COVID-19. Recipients should expect to hear from our team on grant feedback following the grant disbursement period.