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Follow-On Funding

Echoing Green provides follow-on funding to help further the growth and power of Fellow-led organizations working to address the many systems that cause or reinforce racial disparities worldwide.

Sustaining & Growing Racial Equity Work

Organizations and leaders that proactively address racial and ethnic inequities are important for securing a future where all people can access the opportunities and resources needed to thrive. These same organizations and leaders are often under-resourced, even though their impact reaches deep and wide.

This funding application is currently open to Fellows from the classes of 2020 and earlier, with priority to leaders who identify as Black, Indigenous, and people of color. Applicants do not need to be with their Echoing Green-funded organization but must hold a founding role at their current social impact organization.

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Funding Types

We're offering three main grant types to support work at different levels. Fellows that receive funding in this round can apply for more funding in future rounds.

Catalytic Funding — $25,000

Funds to support an initiative, project, or operational investment that will help organizations demonstrating an explicit focus on improving racial equity outcomes to scale their impact.

Some examples of Catalytic work include running an external evaluation, conducting a feasibility study regarding expansion, or hiring a designer to re-do pitch materials or a website.

The fall 2022 cycle of follow-on funding is now closed. Our next application cycle will be launching in spring 2023.

Collaborative Funding — $50,000

Funds to support coordinated, cross-organization racial equity work. There must be at least two Echoing Green Fellow-led organizations on the application to be considered for Collaborative Funding.

Echoing Green recognizes the importance of partnership between leaders and organizations in advancing racial justice and building community power. Collaborative Funding supports coordinated efforts among Fellows to serve their communities, build movements, drive systemic change, and more in service of racial justice.

Examples of Collaborative work include partnering across organizations to pilot a new program, creating a shared advocacy agenda, launching a joint research project, and more.

The fall 2022 cycle of follow-on funding is now closed. Our next application cycle will be launching in spring 2023.

Transformational Funding — $100,000

Funds designed to take racial equity organizations to the next level of scaled impact.

Echoing Green is providing larger amounts of capital to Fellows seeking to expand existing program models developed to achieve racial equity outcomes at a greater scale.

Examples of Transformational work include expanding a model to different cities and growing a program to reach more community members.

The fall 2022 cycle of follow-on funding is now closed. Our next application cycle will be launching in spring 2023.

Application Timeline

For the fall 2022 cycle of follow-on funding we'll be accepting applications from September 21 - October 5.

Sep 21 - Oct 5

Application Consideration Period

Echoing Green will accept applications through the follow-on funding application portal.

Oct 17 - Jan 17

Applications Reviewed

Echoing Green’s team will review applications.

Late Jan 2023

Recipients Notified

Recipients will be asked to provide bank account and other information for disbursement.

Feb 2023

Grants Disbursed

Fellows awarded grants will receive funding.


Grant Disbursement Process & Eligibility
Who is eligible to receive a Catalytic, Collaborative, and Transformational Grant from Echoing Green?
  • Catalytic, Collaborative, and Transformational Funding are available for Fellows currently employed in (1) a leadership position at their Echoing Green-funded organization (no longer receiving Fellowship stipends from Echoing Green), or (2) a new social impact organization that they have founded.
  • To be considered for Collaborative Funding, there must be at least two Echoing Green Fellow-led organizations on the application.
Are there funding priorities that you are considering?

Our follow-on funding priorities are informed by inequitable access to resources faced by leaders of color and communities of color. Our funding prioritization will go to leaders who identify as Black, Indigenous, and people of color and organizations serving communities of color.

Who reviews the Follow-on Funding applications?
  • Applications for follow-on funding are reviewed internally by a team of Echoing Green staff members across departments, including programs, thought leadership, communications, development, and executive leadership.
  • Applications are reviewed against other applications requesting the same funding type. For example, applications requesting Catalytic funding are reviewed with other applications requesting Catalytic funding.
  • Staff members receive training to review applications in alignment with each funding type and our efforts to prioritize proposals from leaders of color working with communities of color.
  • Applications for Transformational funding are additionally reviewed by a group of Echoing Green alumni Fellows, who provide their recommendations based on the same guidelines.
Who should I contact for questions about follow-on funding?

Fellows should email with any questions about Echoing Green’s follow-on funding program.

Financial Considerations
Why do I need an organizational bank account or fiscal sponsor to apply for a grant?

Due to accounting and auditing purposes, Echoing Green requires that grants be disbursed to organizational bank accounts or fiscal sponsors, not personal bank accounts.

What considerations should Fellows running for-profit organizations take?

These payments will be structured as grants. For Fellows running for-profit organizations, please make sure to familiarize yourself with the tax implications associated with your organization receiving a charitable grant by checking with your lawyer or accountant.

What will I need to provide if I plan to use a fiscal sponsor to receive funds?

In the event a recipient plans to receive the grant via a fiscal sponsor, Echoing Green will request documentation of the relationship with the fiscal sponsor for accounting and auditing purposes. In addition to the fiscal sponsor’s bank account information, please be prepared to provide your organization’s agreement or MOU with your fiscal sponsor, as well as the W-9 tax form of your fiscal sponsor. You will also be asked to provide contact information for your fiscal sponsor so Echoing Green can provide a support letter outlining the amount and timing of the incoming grant.

Grant Obligations
Will Fellows need to report on how they use their grants?

Grant recipients should expect to hear from our team about impact reporting following the grant disbursement period. This will help inform the follow-on funding work moving forward as well as provide content and stories for our continued thought leadership and fundraising efforts.

Funders of Follow-on Funding
Who are the funders of follow-on funding grants?
  • Allstate
  • Bank of America
  • Barclays
  • BlackRock
  • Citi Foundation
  • Comcast Corporation
  • Godley Family Foundation
  • Jerome L. Greene Foundation
  • KKR
  • Linde
  • MetLife
  • Moody’s
  • T. Rowe Price
  • Walmart Foundation
  • World Education Services