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Snapshot of the 2015 Fellowship Applicants

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between trendy and a trend. But as a seed investor in innovative social change, we have nearly thirty years of experience in spotting trends just as they’re starting to grow. We may only be two months into 2015, but we think it’s never too early to place your bets – and we’ve already got our eye on who’s next and what’s next for social change.

This year we received thousands of applications for Echoing Green’s Fellowship program. The 432 2015 Echoing Green Fellowship Semi-Finalist organizations showcase the groundswell of entrepreneurial social change solutions emerging worldwide. Here’s a sneak peek at what our applicant pool looks like as we start our selection process:


We are honored to have reviewed thousands of applications from dedicated social change agents from around the world; thank you to everyone who submitted an application.

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