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4 Tips for Maintaining Your Wellbeing and Staying Connected During COVID-19

By Rachel Danielle Latimore

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic. In the midst of media reports, uncertainty, and social distancing, it is natural to feel anxious. For entrepreneurs, social isolation is pervasive. As we’re all temporarily adjusting to a more virtual world to maintain the health and safety of ourselves and others, we recommend the following tips to help in the interim.

  1. Connect with an “accountability partner” for a virtual coffee/tea 

    Social distancing doesn’t have to equal social isolation. Reach out to a trusted friend or colleague to serve as mutual accountability partners to check-in periodically with each other. You could even get creative and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea via Google Hangouts, FaceTime, or Zoom video conferencing!

  2. Start or Join a Wellness Challenge 

    Maintaining your physical and mental health is key to keeping your immune system strong. Connect with a group of your friends and challenge each other to short wellness activities that you can do in the comfort of your own home. You could join each other virtually for a yoga session, meditation, or launch a friendly competition on a smartwatch to encourage some type of physical activity!

  3. Host Community or Small Group Check-ins 

    Concerned about the wellbeing of your community or constituents? Host a community call where folks can check-in about how they are feeling and share resources that can support each other during this time. You can also connect in person with 3-4 folks in your community, but keep in mind the CDC’s recommendations for keeping yourself and others safe.

  4. Rest, Reflect, Reset 

    It feels like the entire world is slowing down. While that can feel unnerving, it also presents an opportunity to rest, reflect, and reset. Are there things that you want to rethink in your business strategy? Do you need time to reflect on the best way to address the needs within your community? Have you been meaning to reach out to folks to share updates on your work? Now is the perfect time to continue to build momentum while taking a moment to pause and breathe.

It’s a challenging time for sure. Making your wellbeing a priority is essential. During moments like these, your community is paramount. Time to employ those creative, agile, and resilient skills that you all possess to successfully pull through this time! You’ve got this!

Remember, we’re here to support you. Please reach out to us and each other. We’re in this together.


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