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A Milestone Anniversary for Community-Word Project

A key ingredient for lasting change is to ensure that ideas are launched into the world with sustainability and impact in mind.  This year, 1998 Echoing Green Fellow Michele Kotler’s organization, Community-Word Project (CWP), is celebrating their 20th anniversary. The New York City-based organization–which is committed to inspiring children in underserved communities to read, interpret, and respond to their world and to become active citizens–uses collaborative arts residencies and teacher training programs to bring out the richness, creativity, and vision held in our communities. What was sparked by a community poem 20 years ago is today “a thriving arts education organization that has served over 22,000 students, over 4,000 educators who’ve gone on to serve 250,000 students worldwide, and numerous classroom teachers, paraprofessionals, partner organizations, and communities across the country.”

“Michele was able to reimagine Community-Word Project and how the organization’s voice could be a powerful force in the arts education community. Community-Word Project went from 750 students served in 2012 to over 3,000 in 2018.”

Michele’s leadership at the helm of the organization has led to significant local and global impact – and though they are celebrating this milestone anniversary, it’s clear that CWP remains a significant force for change. Echoing Green is proud to be honored by Michele and CWP during their annual benefit. We cannot wait to celebrate this milestone achievement in New York at their one-of-a-kind celebration!

To learn more about their story, check out the three-part series on their blog.


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