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🎙 Podcast: Amplifying the voices of those most vulnerable to climate disasters

“Who—when we know the land is going to become desert, and there’s going to be famine—are we helping? [Who] are we protecting? We just know from the data, there are communities all over this country that are far more vulnerable—that are under-protected—when it comes to floods, and we’re just not doing anything about it.”

Bessie Schwarz is a dedicated community organizer who has coupled her passion for organizing and climate justice with global data and analytics to bring voice and hope to communities most vulnerable to climate change. Tune in to learn about Bessie and Cloud to Street’s depth of impact through scaling global analytics and their work on the ground to create more power, fight unjust systems, and surface who is getting hit the hardest by climate change. Get motivated by Cloud to Street’s drive to expose who existing systems are not protecting, the emotional toll of systems-change work, and how to humanize data and keep the work person-centered. 

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