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🎙 Podcast: Empowering Underrepresented Voices to Change Media Narratives

Photo Credit: Nathan Tucker/Gigsy

“We’re not actually focusing on writing at all, or on media or on communication, except in the sense of in its most broadest definition. What we’re mostly focusing on is how you understand power and voice in a world where it’s very unevenly distributed.”

Katie Orenstein started The Op-Ed Project after recognizing the pipeline problem in pitching op-eds: 97 percent of op-eds by scholars in the Wall Street Journal were written by men, according to a May 2008 Rutgers University study. To diversify cultural and media narratives, The Op-Ed Project is empowering and amplifying the voices the world most needs to hear. Tune in to learn how Katie is working to shift the gatekeepers of ideas and narratives, how stories reflect truth (including divergent versions of the truth), targeting the influencers of the influencers, and understanding power and voice—with empathy and respect—in a world where power and voice are unevenly distributed.

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