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🎙 Podcast: How healing justice can stop the cycle of incarceration

“You can’t really get wisdom, or knowledge, or truth, or somebody’s story if they don’t trust you…so a lot of our work is grounded in relationship building and spiritual- and emotional-trust building. That creates the conscious and unconscious pathways of learning, knowledge sharing, engagement, creativity, and unlimited possibilities.”

Cory Greene is a community organizer, healing justice teacher, doctoral student, and social entrepreneur. With an intergenerational cycle of incarceration in his family, Cory has been impacted by the criminal justice (punishment) system and has faced the systemic causes of certain neighborhoods targeted by drugs, violence, and incarceration. Tune in to hear Cory’s experiences leveraging the power of organizing, engaging, and creating to heal communities; the process of owning and taking accountability of your own journey and experiences; how family stories and circumstances overlap and intertwine; and how feeding your spirit is another form of payment.

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