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Podcast: Align Capital & Values

At Echoing Green we know that early-stage social entrepreneurs need subsidized financial runway to innovate and learn. We have also learned how critical it is for investors and investees to spend more time talking to each other. That’s why we’re excited to share lessons, advice, and guidance from the new podcast from Fergal Byrne, Financing Social Entrepreneurs, which features experts and leaders within the impact investing field. Read on for top takeaways from the podcast’s first three episodes.

Episode 1
“I’m highly encouraged by the increased interest from the next generation of investors to better align their capital with their values.” – Scott Wu, Omidyar Network

For Scott Wu, the new approaches to finance that are emerging, including repayable debt instruments and social impact bonds, bring exciting opportunity. As a partner of Omidyar Network, Scott drives the evaluation, selection, and closing of all investments and manages the firm’s overall investment portfolio. Listen to this episode to hear what key questions Scott urges social entrepreneurs to ask as the social investment field continues to change.

Episode 2
“A simple question I like to ask or present to entrepreneurs is, ‘Does the promise that you feel you need to make to your prospective investor one that your business model allows you to keep?’” – John Kohler, Toniic

John Kohler is a co-founder of Toniic and senior director of impact capital at Santa Clara University’s Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship. John lends his advice to social entrepreneurs at the Center’s accelerator programs, including how social entreprenerus can overcome the financial “valley of death” while staying true to both investment and business needs. Tune in to this episode to hear more.  

Episode 3
“I believe, fundamentally, if we put grant money into an idea that manages to create real impact in the lives of the poor while scaling up via the market, that’s a home run.” – Kevin Starr, Mulago Foundation

Kevin Starr directs the Mulago Foundation, a private foundation that funds early-stage social entrepreneurs devoted to tackling poverty at maximum impact at scale. Hear from Kevin as he reminds social entrepreneurs to keep impact at the forefront, and what his thoughts are on using for-profit business models for solutions toward ending poverty.

Visit the Financing Social Entrepreneurs podcast page.

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