Standing With Refugees Every Day

Since 1987, Echoing Green has supported leaders dedicating their lives to protecting fundamental human rights. These leaders challenge long-standing policies, mobilize supporters, and confront injustice to create fairer communities. On World Refugee Day, we are proud to highlight several Fellows whose organizations are committed to standing with refugees around the world every day.


Emily Arnold-Fernandez ’07, Asylum Access

Bold Idea: Empower refugees to assert their basic human rights and obtain legal status by providing them with access to legal counsel.

Sasha Chanoff ’06, RefugePoint

Bold Idea: Rescue and protect forgotten African refugees, developing both short- and long-term solutions to ensure their right to safe and productive lives.

Becca Heller ’10, International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP)

Bold Idea: Create a system of legal representation for refugees living in dangerous situations overseas in order to ensure their timely resettlement in a safe third country.

Swapna Reddy ’17, Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project (ASAP)

Bold Idea: Eliminate the wrongful deportation of refugees from the United States by bringing rapid, remote legal aid to individuals who cannot be served by traditional means.

Benson Wereje ’13, CIYOTA

Bold Idea: Mobilize refugee youth in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to lead a nonviolent movement for peace, spearheading thoughtful dialogue around decades of tribal division and holistic community development programs.


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