The Data: How the 2017 Applicants Are Impacting the World

Echoing Green's 2017 Fellowship applicant poolThis infographic depicts the demographics, geographical locations, and focus of the applicants for the 2017 Echoing Green Fellowships. Out of 2879 applications across three Fellowships: 77% were for the Global Fellowship; 13% for Climate; and 10% for Black Male Achievement Fellowship. 61% of Global Fellowship applicants self-identified as members of the community they seek to support with their work. 57% of Climate Fellowship applications are proposing a product. BMA Fellowship applicants are most likely to work on Economic Empowerment, K-12 Education, and Mentoring. Organization Structure: 41% of applicants are proposing Nonprofit orgs; 29% For-Profit; 17% Hybrid orgs; and 13% were undecided. Organizational Reach: 47% of applicants are working Nationally; 30% Locally; and 23% Internationally. Applications came from 164 countries. Top 5 Issue areas being targeted by applicants are: Poverty Alleviation / Economic Development; Education; Environment; Health / Healthcare; and Food / Agriculture. Top 5 populations being targeted by applicants are: Economically Disadvantaged; Youth; Women / Girls; Racial / Ethnic Minorities; and General Population. Some information has been summarized or omitted from this alt text. How’d we do? Please let us know by emailing

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