The Greene Space at WNYC and Echoing Green Present: Change Every Day

The Greene Space at WNYC and Echoing Green bring together bold social change leaders who are working on the ground alongside their communities to create change now. Don’t miss these conversations on how our daily choices can help create collective transformation.

These interactive events include storytelling, conversation, and real-time problem-solving with Echoing Green Fellows who are bringing solutions to pressing social and environmental issues facing U.S. communities right now. Host Shumita Basu of WNYC’s “Morning Edition” will interview these experts on topics including food systems, immigration, climate change, criminal justice reform, and civic movements. From decisions about what you eat, the apps you use, or where and how you spend your money, these actions are part of the building blocks of social movements.

In New York? Join us for four evenings of dialogue with some of the world’s most transformational leaders with bold ideas to drive change February 26–April 2, 2019. All events are at The Greene Space and programming starts at 7:00 p.m. Check out the program listings below and get your tickets today.


Tuesday, Feb. 26: Eat Your Values

What do composting or legal contracts have to do with the last meal you ate? Why should we all have insight into the businesses growing, producing and sourcing the food you eat? Learn how all of these facets work together toward a truly just food system for all. Featuring Rachel Armstrong, founder and executive director of Farm Commons; Sara Day Evans, founding director of Accelerating Appalachia; and Jeffrey Neal, founder of Loop Closing. Tickets →


Tuesday, Mar. 7: Apps That Save Lives

As the news cycle shows us daily, things can change very quickly. What if anyone, from anywhere in the world, could help play a crucial role right from their phones? From responding to police interactions to simplifying refugee communications, learn how individuals are leveraging tech on the ground to make a collective impact for good. Featuring Aziz Alghunaim, co-founder of Tarjimly; Brandon Anderson, founder and CEO of Raheem AI; and Swapna Reddy, co-founder and co-director of Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project. Tickets →


Tuesday, Mar. 19: Invest in Your Neighborhood

From joining food co-ops to shopping local, communities are talking about how to invest in themselves. Learn from leaders leveraging the power of the collective to approach community building — and how every community can take steps toward fully owning local initiatives and solutions. Featuring Fonta Gilliam, founder and CEO of Sou Sou, and Allen Woods, co-founder of MORTAR. Tickets →


Tuesday, Apr. 2: Keep Building the Movement

Our individual actions matter when it comes to making and sustaining progress on social movements. Central to this progress is holding on to a vision while working collaboratively to gain momentum. Featuring Yeshimabeit Milner, co-founder and executive director of Data for Black Lives, and Antionette Carroll, founder and president of Creative Reaction Lab. Tickets →

This live event series begins February 26, 2019. Tickets $15; All events begin 7 p.m. at The Greene Space in New York City (44 Charlton Street).

Change Every Day: Keep Building the Movement on April 2 is sponsored by First Republic.

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