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🎙 Podcast: The Risk, Failure, and Will Power Needed to Take on Big Pharma

Credit: Bethanie Hines

“We started to see that the thing that was standing in the way of people getting their medicines was this very basic idea of drug companies having monopolies that they were abusing, and people weren’t getting medicines that existed.”

Priti Krishtel has been challenging pharmaceutical companies with I-MAK since 2006. By serving as “patent detectives,” I-MAK has been able to remove barriers to treatment for some of the world’s deadliest diseases such as hepatitis C and HIV. Tune in to hear Priti’s personal mission to open accessibility and stop abuse in “big pharma;” the risk of running a mission-driven organization; facing failure, burn out, and loneliness; continuing to create the world you want to live in; and raising up the next generation of movement builders.

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