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Laura Dunn

Laura Dunn

Human Rights

Founder of SurvJustice

Laura Dunn came to Echoing Green determined to create an organization that she herself could have used in college.

In the spring of 2004, Laura attended a party at a frat house. Two students dragged her into an apartment after and assaulted her. Laura endured over a year of self-blame, confusion, nightmares, and extreme weight loss before she reported the assault to her school and police in July 2005. The school dropped the case due to lack of evidence and conflicting accounts between Laura and her alleged attackers. Laura went on to law school, and over the next few years, she became an outspoken activist for women’s rights—helping the Obama Administration craft laws that protected victims and improved investigations.

After its launch, SurvJustice is still the only national organization that provides legal assistance, policy advocacy, and institutional training to survivors in campus hearings across the United States.

Laura is 2015 Echoing Green Fellow.