BriAnn Gibson

Director, Talent

Finance & Operations

BriAnn Gibson is an accomplished and visionary professional known for her exceptional expertise in talent acquisition, organizational development, and leadership, with an unwavering commitment to social impact and a keen understanding of the nonprofit sector.

BriAnn brings a wealth of experience to her role as Echoing Green's newest Director of Talent. Her passion for fostering diverse and inclusive work environments and Her keen eye for identifying high-potential individuals and aligning their talents with organizational needs makes her an invaluable addition to the team.

Before joining Echoing Green, BriAnn held key talent-centered positions in reputable organizations, significantly contributing to their growth and impact, like KIPP Delta Public Schools and Edgility Consulting. BriAnn's commitment to social justice and equity is deeply rooted in her experiences and values. BriAnn holds a bachelor's degree in Social Work from The University of Memphis. She regularly invests in professional development to sharpen her skills and value. BriAnn resides in Memphis, TN, and in her free time, you can catch her traveling somewhere, reading a new book or article, or catching up on her favorite show.