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2023 Social Impact Talent Report

Echoing Green received just under 1,900 applications from 115 countries for the 2023 fellowship application cycle.

The 48 fellowship Finalists bring bold ideas and an unyielding dedication to creating better opportunities for all. Together, they are ready to build a better world.

The 2023 Talent Report is more than a list. Each Finalist stands on the shoulders of changemakers before them and shares in the hopes of their communities.

Some ideas are all about meeting young people where they are: young citizen scientists harness their creativity to be the stewards Earth needs now more than ever, while the power of robots is mobilized to expand access to STEM education among Indigenous youth. Other innovations promote land sovereignty, defend cultural rights, leverage AI to improve food systems, or engage in the arts to grow self-esteem and improve mental health.

From Madagascar to the United States to Lebanon, Uganda, and more, each person on the Talent Report is taking action today for a better tomorrow.

Although not all of the dedicated innovators in this Talent Report will become part of the 2023 Fellowship class, each leader exemplifies the potential of collective power and having the courage to act now. With these trailblazers at the helm, there’s little doubt that we can draw closer to a world free from the destruction of racism and its far-reaching consequences—where all people can thrive.

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