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Eric Rosenthal Receives Bronfman Prize for Disability Rights

“Each year, The Charles Bronfman Prize – and an accompanying $100,000 award – goes to a young humanitarian whose work is informed by Jewish values and has global impact that changes lives and inspires others.

“As the founder of Disability Rights International (DRI), [1993 Echoing Green Fellow] Eric Rosenthal has provided global leadership and effected worldwide change on this critical issue. He has documented human rights conditions in over two dozen nations, has trained and inspired activists to work to protect people with disabilities in their own countries, and has recently launched the Worldwide Campaign to End the Institutionalization of Children. He and his partners have worked – often under dangerous conditions – to create a world in which all people with disabilities can enjoy basic human rights.

Rosenthal, 49, founded DC-based DRI twenty years ago, deeply affected by the brutal conditions in institutional settings that he witnessed around the world as a human rights activist, and committed to fill a void in the legal, advocacy and humanitarian communities.”

Read more about the Bronfman Prize and this wonderful achievement.


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