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Finding Strength in Community During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced unprecedented challenges across the globe, especially for nonprofits and social enterprises striving to continue their work while also responding to the crisis. As so many members of our community are moving into rapid response mode, and are working to expand and extend their programs and services to those who need it most right now, our own team is learning new ways to work together virtually to support their efforts. In this period of uncertainty, we wanted to share resources, services, and guidance gathered from our community of social impact leaders.

How Our Fellows are Addressing COVID-19

As a global network, Echoing Green has the unique vantage point of supporting solutions enacted across borders and issue areas. Our Fellows are addressing the challenges brought on by this global pandemic from all angles—whether that’s supporting low-income and uninsured healthcare patients with important tools and templates; offering free educational resources for teachers and caregivers who are dealing with disrupted school and childcare; providing free translation to immigrants, refugees, and non-English speaking communities who are often hardest hit by a massive information gap; or highlighting how unemployment benefits could help those whose jobs are impacted by COVID-19.

Share our Fellows’ work: We encourage you to learn more about the resources our community is providing during this time and share them with your own networks and contacts who would benefit. Learn more about the Fellows addressing COVID-19 and their specific responses.

How Echoing Green Is Responding

In turn, we are working hard to support our Fellows in the following ways:

  1. Innovating our programming to be nimble and responsive: We are embracing virtual capabilities and are approaching our programming with a flexible mindset, while keeping in mind the rapidly changing policies around the world. As a result, we are adjusting our events and convenings, as much as possible, to become virtual engagements without the ability to be in-person.
  2. Promoting our Fellows’ efforts: We are reaching out to our Fellows to inventory and catalogue how they are tackling COVID-19 and its many implications. We know several of our Fellows, who focus specifically on the public health space, are actively working on the front lines of the COVID-19 response. But, we also want to share the stories of Fellows who are mobilizing to address those affected by the fall out of social distancing and disrupted business.
  3. Encouraging community and well-being: We are hosting community calls for Fellows and Alumni to share challenges and lessons learned around COVID-19 and their work; we are crowdsourcing and cross-sharing resources virtually; and we are encouraging Fellows to reach out to our three (secular) Chaplains, who are available to provide well-being support and self-care 24/7, if needed.

Follow us: We will be elevating specific efforts our Fellows are taking to address the challenges brought on by COVID-19 on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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