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🎙 Introducing On Course: The Podcast from Echoing Green

We are excited to share that Echoing Green’s new podcast, On Course, has launched! The series is an interview-style show hosted by Eric Dawson, a 1996 Echoing Green Fellow and the founder of Peace First. Guests on the show are all Echoing Green Fellows whose work and own leadership reflects building opportunity and equity for communities across the U.S. and the world.

On Course dives into the social entrepreneurship journey by digging into the “who” and “why” of the leaders in this field. We explore why social entrepreneurs do what they do; the connective tissue between their past, present, and future work; the struggles, optimism, and rewards of working in the social sector; and what it takes to launch and drive movements rooted in social justice.

The Goal

Through this podcast, we are aiming to weave together the intersection of leadership, personal narrative storytelling, and individual contributions to collective social movements. Additionally, we hope to humanize the journey of entrepreneurs and leaders, surface Echoing Green’s social impact point of view, and spark interest in new ideas and great people.

The Takeaways

Each episode will touch upon questions like:

  • What keeps you up at night?
  • What gives you hope?
  • How do you deal with impostor syndrome?
  • How do you push past burn out?
  • What skill sets have you found useful to lead a social enterprise?

Echoing Green Fellows featured include:

Follow Along

The series of eight episodes will be released weekly. This is a new endeavor and platform for sharing the stories in our community that need to be heard. Our hope is that these conversations, insights, and lessons learned will resonate with the social impact field and beyond. Check out our first episode below, featuring Steph Speirs, founder of Solstice. Be sure to subscribe, and show your support by leaving a rating for each episode!

This podcast series is supported through a grant from the Citi Foundation and is presented as part of the Inclusive Leadership Initiative. With the support of the Citi Foundation, Echoing Green launched the Inclusive Leadership Initiative to expand the organization’s support of leaders that represent communities of color, with a particular emphasis on those who are creating employment opportunities for young people of color across the U.S.


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